Many thanks to my editor and apostrophe guru Jon Purday, who also helped source the letter I had sent him over 40 years ago, as well as several books I refer to. The inspiriration to start this project was provided by Lyn Blackmore and the blog 1976: Diary of a Posh Schoolgirl written by her friend Ingrid. Also thanks to occasional readers and critics including Marcus Kirby, James Waite and Peter Wright.

At this moment I have not contacted the people mentioned in this annotated diary, if further production is deemed necessary I may feel obliged to do so. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent, I have just tried to be as discreet as possible, given that the diary is shown verbatim. In the same regard song lyrics, wikipedia photos, google street map photos and a few other photos have not been cleared for publication, though most are available through Creative Commons or fair-use legislation. The vast majority of photos or scans were made by the author.

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Douglas Cape is a photographer and webmaster. He has been a translator, teacher, community artist, actor and stage manager. In 1999 he founded the website and was an early innovator in the use of panoramic tours. He has two sons now involved in the film business. He lives in London.

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Keith Richards “Patience Please A Drug Free America Comes First”, 1972 by Ethan Russell