San Francisco : Games Day

Finally write some more postcards, but I believe the one to my parents had the wrong stamps (false economies) and was never delivered. They only found out some news of my whereabouts by phoning my friends. After the excitement of the previous day I did some clearing up in the flat and being a responsible 21 year old I went out to buy some beer and other provisions. It was the weekend and time to relax, so some friends of Dave and Doug were coming over for some fun in the park and a meal.

We all went out to Golden Gate Park and played that great American favourite, Frisbee. Although not adept at catching and throwing, I learnt a few new tricks. We then smoked a quick joint and wondered what to do next. Unusually I proposed a game of Port and Starboard, which I had learnt in the boy scouts. All of a sudden I was the animateur of a crazy version of the game, shouting out the rules as we went along, and making up a few up to suit the circumstances. We played for hours, running up and down, falling to the floor and laughing our heads off as we developed our own version of the rules. The game itself is a bit like a physical version of Simon Says and this is how you play:

Port and Starboard aka Ship Captain

The Captain stands in the centre and explains the commands.
“Port” = Run to the left side of playing area.
“Starboard” = Run to the right side of playing area.
“Captain’s Coming” = Salute and yell, “Aye, Aye Captain!”
“Freeze” = Stop and stand stock still.
“Submarines” = Lie on the floor, one hand in the air.
“Shark!” = Everyone must get their feet off the ground.
“Climb the rigging” = Pretend to climb a rope.

When lined up and ready to play, the Captain shouts out the commands as fast as he likes.
The players do the actions associated with the commands.
Players that do the wrong action are out!
The last player to do an action is out!
The last player still standing becomes the new Captain.

We all had a great time and at last I felt like I had contributed something to the group. As dusk fell we headed back to the flat for a big meal of ham with almonds, drinking beer as we watched the Olympics. However the raucous party games were not over and we played the card game Cheat, known in America as Bullshit (why does that not surprise me), followed by the verbal game I’m going to the moon… for which these are the rules:

I’m going to the moon…

The first player names an object he or she is bringing to the moon.
The next person repeats that object and adds another one to the list.
Players who make a mistake repeating the list are out.
The winner is the last one left.

Player 1: “I’m going to the moon, and I’m bringing a dog.
Player 2: “I’m going to the moon, and I’m bringing a dog and a frisbee.”
Player 3: “I’m going to the moon, and I’m bringing a dog, a frisbee, and the Queen Mary.”

Alphabet twist: Add objects alphabetically.
Ghosty twist: You can’t acknowledge people who are out.

Late in the night after a good few beers this game soon became quite difficult, and with the ghosty variation ended up in chaos, as people spoke over each other claiming to find mistakes, then refused to speak to one another in case they were ghosties. Twas all good fun.